Eye Cocktail Bar

It is the large counter that first strikes guests as they cross the threshold of the Eye Cocktail Bar, a refined space with a more modern touch. With seating for 14, the contemporary design creates a gently lit atmosphere amid the warm tones of the furnishings. The perfect location to enjoy an aperitif or an after-dinner drink. Come and be surprised by the skill of head barman Matteo Sanago’s team. Enjoy the multifaceted range of proposals, from the great classics to the most modern of experiments in Mixology.

Rich and varied, the drinks list includes Eye Signature and Virgin Signature cocktails, fine wines and superb Champagnes to accompany the tasty appetisers prepared by the restaurant’s kitchen: vegetable Samosas with mango chutney; crispy Cecina with rosemary and lime mayonnaise; Prunes and smoked bacon; Blinis with Norwegian smoked salmon; and fried Calamari with lime and chilli. There is a wide variety of gin, vodka, tequila, mezcal, pisco, rum, whisky, Cognac, Armagnac, brandy, Calvados, sake, grappa & fruit distillates, fortified wines, vermouth, bitters & aperitifs. Among the Eye Signatures is the Americano Perfetto, made with Carpano Vermouth Rosso, Bitter Fusetti, unusual Amaro fragrante and grapefruit water.

There’s the Santa Croce, with Aperitivo Biancosarti, Gin and Lillet Blanc aged in oak barrels previously permeated with Prosecco and Passito. Try the Dogi, with lemon redistilled Vodka, white pepper cordial, cardamom honey-mix; or the Montale, with Jameson Whiskey and its hints of bees wax, Bulleit Rye Whiskey, chocolate bitters, tonka-bean soda. Brera is a homage to Milan, made with Campari, orange bitter, elderflower and lemongrass scent. If a trip to Mexico tempts you, then order the Esta Chido, based on Tequila-Mezcal, acidified berries and ginger soda. Virgin Cocktails include the Desiderio, made with Chocomenta, passion fruit, pink grapefruit; and the Paradiso, with spice Hydrolates, tonic water, and Osmanthus, also known as the Flower of Paradise, a plant native to East Asia, particularly China, where it has been appreciated and used for its aromatic and medicinal virtues for 2000 years.

Services provided: cocktail bar
Hours: every day, from 5 o’clock pm to 12 midnight

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